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Quality is always in demand!

We combine traditional values and innovative technology for the benefit of our customers.
As our woodwork shop was founded in 1885, five generations of master craftmanship have developed a very customer-friendly and quality-oriented corporate philosophy.

Our staff comprises certified masters in woodturning, long-term employees and a winner of the German Federal vocational training award of the Chamber of Crafts. All of us contribute to a consistent performance of quality for many long term customers.

We work ecologically sustainable according to "green building" standards. Since 2005, our photovoltaic system produces more electricity than is needed for our annual production. Since April 2015, we have only been producing with certified green hydro-electric power of our region. Thus, we are the first independent craft enterprise to join our local utilities of Sinzheim on their promising way to exclusively use green electricity. In addition, we are a member of a company group that produces green power for approximately 2,200 users per year.



We will be pleased to welcome you as a customer and to provide you with professional advise concerning woodwork of all kinds.
Please feel free to contact Thomas Gartner who is looking forward to meeting you!

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


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