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Welcome to Drechslerei Gartner GmbH

Woodwork manufactured by master craftsmen

We are an internationally recognized, broadly equipped craft enterprise and are pleased to provide widespread woodturning service as well as our specialist woodwork.

Our assortment of wooden parts ranges from the smallest precision work up to parts of 18 m in length and a diameter of 3 m. We use CNC-controlled, semi-automatic and fully automatic lathes and turn manually to match to your specifications, drawings or photos.

We will be happy to realize your personal desires. We are looking forward to responding to your request.
We regard it our duty to maintain our promises and commitments to our customers and to meet their expectations in full.

Drechslerei Gartner GmbH | Albrecht-Dürer-Str. 1 | D-76547 Sinzheim | Phone: +49 7221 / 839 59 | info@drechslerei-gartner.de | Imprint

Drechslerei Gartner
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